sweet surrender (sailorpluto) wrote,
sweet surrender

Tell me everyone's seen this.


David Hasselhoff needs to be committed.

No, really. I'm sure everyone's heard that he covered "Hooked on a Feeling" a few years back. He also made a music video, apparently under a budget of about $50. There's no other way I can explain it.

No, wait. I can. I call it "The Magic of Green Screen." And the Hoff certainly enjoyed it while making this video. Problem is, it LOOKS like a green screen.

Let's compare, shall we? Exhibit A: the video in question. Made ca. 2002. Click me! Keep in mind that I was made in 2002!

Exhibit B: A clip from a lovely little 80s movie called "The Worst Witch," in which Tim Curry sings that Anything Can Happen on Halloween, and oh, hey, have you seen his tambourine?

Both are victims of over-green-screening. But Exhibit B hails from 1986 and can therefore be forgiven, to an extent. And have I gone completely loopy, or does Exhibit B actually do a smidge better at the green screening than Exhibit A?

Verdict: The Hoff should have known better.
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